Summer Intensives 2023

Summer Intensives 2023

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Dear Friends,
In this renewal of the year 2023, tribute to our revered master Yogacharya Sri B.K.S. Iyengar, the living source of our practice and teaching, to whom we are happy to pay a little of our tribute by celebrating the 38th year of our summer courses with:
General ; Intermediate ; Advanced
Corine will be accompanied and assisted by senior teachers, taught and certified by Guruji Iyengar and all trained by Faeq Biria.
The teaching provided will remain faithful to that transmitted to her by the Master in his Institute in Pune, South India.
Practice takes place in a luminous, heated (if necessary) and spacious room of 450 m².  
Each day comprises 6 hours of study and practice of poses, including 1 ½ hours of pranayama and 2 sessions of deep relaxation, all harmoniously spread out to offer pleasant moments of recuperation.  
In each course, we shall tackle asanas that can lead into or back to a particular posture and examine each pose’s role in the sequence of yoga practice according to the practitioner’s level and aim. 
Intermediate, Advanced and General courses (Courses n°1, n°2 and n°3) will be simultaneously translated into English.
A guided practice session is offered on Sundays from 5 pm to 7 pm on an optional basis.
Each practitioner will have 1 sticky mat, 2 belts, 2 bricks, 3 blankets and 1 bandage at their disposal. 
We suggest you bring your own mat if possible.

Teachers’ Week (in French):opened to all certified teachers of the Iyengar method
The week aims to perfect the practice of asanas and pranayama, that of teaching and to continue philosophical study
Teachers: Jordi Marti and Corine Biria
Course n°1 Level 3-4 (in French & in English) intended for:
• Practitioners with 3 to 4 years of regular practice of the Iyengar method 
Teacher: Corine Biria
Course n°2 Level 4-5 (in French & in English) intended for:
• Practitioners with more than 5 years of regular practice of the Iyengar method 
• Practitioners who participated in Stage 1 (subject to prior agreement)
Teacher: Corine Biria
Course n°3 Levels 1-2-3 (in French & in English) intended for:
• Practitioners with 1 to 3 years of regular practice of the Iyengar method 
Teachers: Emily Megged and Corine Biria

La Chaise Dieu is located in Auvergne – Rhone Alpes, in the heart of France.
It is nestled at over 1000 meters altitude, in a natural park covered with forests and large areas of exceptional rich flora.
La Chaise Dieu, renowned today for its sacred music festival, hosted a great spiritual community in its abbey, during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

ACCOMMODATION – The domain of the Village de La Tour
The domain of the Village de La Tour is located in a pine forest of 5 hectares, bordering the lake of La Chaise Dieu. Very quiet, it has an air of exceptional quality, which determined our choice.
Featuring an outdoor pool and a water pond, the site includes several cottages for 4 or 6 people as well as some single and double rooms (bathrooms shared between two rooms).
The cottage for 4 people includes 2 rooms and the one for 6 persons includes 3 rooms.
Each cottage has a kitchen, a bathroom and an outdoor terrace.
Bed linen and towels are provided.
A detailed plan of the distribution of rooms is provided below.
We are very pleased to announce that the domain of the Village de La Tour can accommodate all participants. But as double and single rooms are very limited, we may not be able to satisfy all demands. 
As our biggest wish is to ensure you a comfortable stay, we will manage accommodation to meet your requests and according to the criteria of availability, affinity, choice of board, and eventual health problems…
Therefore, the accommodation’s distribution will be assigned on site when the final group will be registered.
Please note that accommodation must be cleared by 11am on the Saturday of the week of the course.
Also, if you would like to camp, the local camping area camping municipal (to contact yourself) is 300 meters away from the domain of the Village de la Tour and offers 100 campsites and 11 mini chalets.
If you would like to stay outside the domain of the Village de La Tour, please check these links and make reservation yourself: 

Les 10 meilleurs hôtels à La Chaise-Dieu (à partir de € 49) (
La Chaise-Dieu : locations de vacances et logements – Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France | Airbnb

Address of the domain of the Village de La Tour:
Route de Vichy
43160 La Chaise-Dieu
(Huge parking lot on site)
Distances :
Paris : 500 km
Lyon : 150 km
Saint Etienne : 80 km
Le Puy en Velay : 40 km
The nearest airports are: Clermont Ferrand, Saint Etienne, Lyon and Paris.
The nearest railway stations are, in order of proximity: Retournac, Puy en Velay, Saint Etienne and Lyon.
Bus from the airport or railway station to La Chaise Dieu: 
There is a bus service travelling between Lyon Airport (Saint Exupery), Lyon train station (Part Dieu) and La Chaise Dieu. 
Sunday: Departure from Lyon Saint Exupery at 13:00 –> Departure from Lyon Part Dieu bus station at 14:00 –> Arrival Village de La Tour at 16:30
Saturday: Departure Village de La Tour at 10:00 –> Arrival Lyon Part Dieu at 12:30 –> Arrival Lyon Saint Exupery at 13:30
One-way rate: 35 € ; Return journey rate: 70 €
Please book the shuttle via the internet registration form.
Taxi to La Chaise Dieu: 
These taxis offer 4-8 passenger cars, feel free to share!
The following taxi companies give special rates to participants to the intensives.
– Retournac ou Le Puy en Velay / La Chaise Dieu: 100 €
– Saint Etienne / La Chaise Dieu: 200 €
– Lyon / La Chaise Dieu: 360 € +30€ per additional stopping point
Taxi Baylot
+33 (0) 4 71 00 11 04
+33 (0) 6 84 04 75 19
Taxi Maleysson-Rousserie
+33 (0) 4 71 00 08 16
+33 (0) 6 85 12 60 80


This year’s cuisine will be improved by our chef Gilles, who will cook good comfort food after practice. Vegetarian menus will be very adapted to our needs, varied, with fresh and local products, and mainly organic.  
The domain of the Village de La Tour is unable to provide any specific dietary requests, even lactose and gluten free. Thank you for understanding.
Since all the cottages have a kitchen, the choice of board (meals) is completely independent of the choice of accommodation. Therefore, you can choose full board or half board or cook in your cottage (extern board). The domain of the Village de la Tour is a 25-minute walk from downtown La Chaise Dieu, where you can find several grocery stores, bakeries, cafes and restaurants (bikes can be rented for the week). Also, a baker and a grocer deliver the domain every day, on demand.
Full board includes drinks in the morning, lunch and dinner. 
The half board includes drinks in the morning as well as lunch or dinner.
The dining room, this year, will be located on the ground floor of the Hotel Venere and not in Palabre as before, except for the morning break.
Please note that for optimal organization, the choice of board covers the whole week and cannot be changed during the week.
COST OF COURSES – amount to be paid on registration
Rates – Summer Intensives 2023

*    For students (under 26 years), Seniors (over 65 years) and for the unemployed (please provide proof)
** For residents of Eastern Europe (incl. Russia), South America, Africa, China (excluding Hong Kong), Indonesia and Australasia
Payments with cheques that cannot be cleared in France, please plan an extra 30 € fee to cover the corresponding bank charges.

The choice and reservation of housing (blue cottage, green cottage, red cottage, orange room or hotel) / board (full, 1/2, morning break) / bike / bus (Lyon<–>La Chaise Dieu) is done via the internet registration form.
Attention, it is necessary to enter the chosen accommodation on the registration form for each week booked.
There are a limited number of cottages, single rooms and rooms at the hotel. 
It is not always possible to guarantee that all requests will be met.
The choice is made for the duration of the week and cannot be changed afterwards.

The payment of accommodation / board / bike / bus will be made directly on site at the Village de La Tour, on arrival or by appointment, with Fabrice de Courson.

For information, there is a bank ATM downtown in La Chaise-Dieu.
Please note that the bus service will be cancelled if there are not enough reservations.
The regulatory sanitary conditions in force will be respected on site.

In order to secure your booking, the course fees are due at online registration. 
In case we do not receive the fees within 15 days after your online registration, we will have to cancel your registration and give it to someone else.
Until 1 month before the beginning of the chosen intensive, a 50 € fee will be charged, the remaining balance will be refunded. 
Less than 1 month before the beginning of the chosen course, there will be no refund, regardless of the reason for cancelling. Thank you for your understanding.

The course will end on Friday evening after 7 pm.
A breakfast will be served on Saturday morning.
A guided practice session is offered on Sundays (5 pm to 7 pm) on an optional basis.
1.      Fill out the online registration form, with a photo, date & signature 
If you have any questions, please contact us at 
2.    Settle course fees by bank transfer (see below Centre de yoga Iyengar de Paris bank details) or by check (payable to Corine Biria).

In case of payment by bank transfer, thank you in advance to send us the confirmation of your bank transfer to: 
People having discount rates are requested to send proof.
3.    A registration confirmation will be sent by email.
All information you need and all practical details are in this email, so please read it carefully.
Centre de Yoga Iyengar de Paris 
Office de tourisme de la Chaise-Dieu
Village de La Tour
Centre de Yoga Iyengar de Paris
35 Avenue Victor Hugo
75116 Paris
Tél : 01 45 00 28 48

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